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CasinoQA strives to provide daily reviews on new, current and upcoming casino sites open to United Kingdom (UK) and European players. We also cover interesting slot games and regularly publish guides on topics ranging from casino software to deposit and withdrawal methods and casino bonus calculations. We don't just cover conventional casinos — Bitcoin, Etherium and other Blockchain-powered casinos are set to make game changing innovations come next year — think public winners' statistics, real-time casino balance records, deposits without verification and 24/7 instant withdrawals? Sounds too good to be true! However, this and a lot more will definitely see life come 2018 and we'll be there to feature the Best United Kingdom (UK) Bitcoin Casino Sites, too. For quality and integrity's sake this is an independent website and we limit the total amount of casinos ever present to no more than fifty each year.

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Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

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The most significant temptation when enjoying casino games is the assortment of bonuses offered by online casinos. Players are spoiled for choice when it comes to high-quality games, 3D graphics, and the social element is offered via live dealer games, while most players are most enthusiast about the bonuses that offers prolonged play, free play, and enhanced opportunities to win big.

Whether or not players accept a bonus depends on the casino games they enjoy, wagering requirements and other terms attached to the bonus. Realizing the importance in the details, our casino bonus and promotions editor Sonam has compiled a series of casino and bonus guides throughout the months of September and October of this year.

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All about NEW United Kingdom (UK) Online Casino Sites

There are so many people in the United Kingdom who will head to one of the ‘big’ online casinos. They seem to avoid the new casinos in the UK like the plague. This is something that has always baffled me. This is because, in my opinion, new casinos always offer some of the best possible playing experiences. Why? Well, that is what I am going to look at on this page!

Can New Casinos Be Trusted?

Absolutely! Well, at least if you are sensible when it comes to the selection of your online casino.

You must remember that if you wish to operate in the United Kingdom, you need to do so under the watchful eye of the UK Gambling Commission. If the casino has not become a member of the UK Gambling Commission, then it can’t legally become a casino in the United Kingdom. Fact.

Now, if a casino that you visit is a member, then you will know that they have had to jump through hoops to become a member. There is absolutely no way in which they would try to scam you. It would cost them the whole business that they have spent millions on.

NEW Casino Game Selection

This is one of the main reasons as to why I am such a big fan of new casinos in the UK. I don’t know if you know this, but back when online casinos were getting started, a lot of companies which offered games for these online casinos started to spring up. As you may imagine, many of them tried to rope the casinos into really strict contracts which made sure that they did not offer any games from any other vendor. At the time this was fine, now not so much.

Now, the older casinos are still roped into these extensive contracts that they are never going to be able to do anything about. The newer casinos are not. They have a whopping selection of games available. Hundreds, if not thousands of them. I am not just talking about slot machines either which, of course, are the most popular games that people play when they head to these online casinos. I am also talking about games which come under the generic casino banner. Basically, plenty of variations means plenty of fun.

If you are unsure as to what you want to play when you head to an online casino, then make sure that you choose a newer one because you are always going to have the maximum number of games available to you. Absolutely no exceptions to that.

New Casinos, Better Software?

If you have ever run a business, then you will know that the customers that you deal with absolutely loathe change. Seriously, they hate it. This is an issue which many of the older casinos are currently facing. They know that they need to upgrade the systems that they are running on, but they also know that if they do upgrade their systems, then they are going to be kissing goodbye to a significant amount of business because their customers are not going to like that. This means that they are stuck in the past.

Once again, this is an issue which the newer casinos do not run into. They probably will do in the future, but for now they have no problem offering the best software. This means that it is going to be smoother. It is going to be easier to find the game that you want to play and, in many cases, it is going to perform a whole lot better on mobile devices. This is something which is incredibly important nowadays because if your site does not work on mobile devices then you will not be working with at least 50%, and climbing, of players.

New Casinos, Better Customer Service?

The problem for newer casinos is the fact that they have not made a name for themselves in the industry at the moment. It is also incredibly expensive to break into the casino industry. As a result, they can’t afford to spend a ton of money on marketing. They know that they may be spending the money and they end up finding that their site is not a success. They lose a whopping amount of cash. Thankfully, they have other methods that they can use. These methods are for the benefit of the player. Let us introduce you to the world of customer service.

These sites may not be able to afford 24/7 customer service at the moment, but they are going to be incredibly responsive. When you work with a newer casino, then you can be sure that the customer service team are genuinely going to care about you and answer any questions that you may have quickly and easily. There is no running you through various departments. The reason for this top-notch customer service is because they want you to talk about how brilliant they are to your friends and family. They want you to write fantastic reviews about them online. After all, if you do this, then you are going to be driving more and more traffic to their website.

New Casinos, Better Site Bonuses!

We do not suggest that you base your site selection 100% on casino bonuses. You can, but this is not going to be sensible. You should always focus on whatever else the casino brings to the table. After that then, sure, you can focus on casino bonuses.

The major benefit of newer casinos is that they tend to offer the best bonuses in the industry as it helps them to stand out from an overcrowded market. I am not just talking about mediocre welcome bonuses here. They also tend to offer a plethora of ‘regular’ bonuses which have been designed to keep you coming back for more and more.

Why not check out a few of our reviews for new online casinos to find out about some of the best places to gamble online?