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AzartPlay Casino is one of the latest casinos to hit the United Kingdom. While it does not necessarily give off the best first impression we trust, like us, you look beyond that. When you do, this site is absolutely fantastic.

Site Impressions

The problem that we have with many casinos nowadays is that most of them never tell you what they do on the front page. Well, of course you know that it is an online casino, but if you want a hint beyond that then it is not going to be forthcoming. They like to bleat about their offers. Sure, this is great and all, but one of the defining of an online casino, for us at least, is the fact that they boast tons and tons of games.

Once you have a click around the site, then you will be introduced to the wealth of games that the site has on offer (more on that in a short while). Oddly enough, the site does not go down the same route as other online casinos here. You see, they like to talk about all the games that they offer. We don’t know if you head to many online casinos much, and this means both old and new ones, but you will probably notice that most of them love the idea of forcing slots down your throat. This is great and all, but not everybody wants to play slots. Sure, the front page is mostly slots, but these are going to be the most popular games, but you will also be introduced to the other games they have.

If you want to browse through the site, then just click one of the easy-to-click categories. You can even type in the name of the game that you are after if you wish.

The are some options on AzartPlay Casino that we wish were explained a little bit better to us. For example; there is a ‘battles’ feature where you can win additional prizes. They also use the letters FS a lot which, we ultimately worked out probably meant free spins. It is little things like this, and making the help hidden a little bit, that does make it difficult to class AzartPlay as one of the best online casinos around, but it is going to get there if it does continue to expand. Let’s be fair, the online casino is new, which means that they are going to be taking a while to really find their feet. They do not have a larger brand behind them like many other online casinos out there, which does make it difficult for them at the start.

If you want customer support, then they are easy to get in touch with. As far as we know, there is no live chat support. You can get in touch with them via email or on the telephone. You would think that having no live chat support would be a failing for us, but it really is not. You see, this online casino likes to get back to you incredibly quickly if you drop them a message so it is not really going to be that much of an issue. We would think that once the site has a bit more money rolling in that they would include it, though.

Game Selection

While AzartPlay Casino does not have the largest game selection in the world, it is certainly getting there. You have the following:

  • Slots
  • Jackpot games
  • Table Games
  • Video Poker
  • Live Casino
  • Scratch Cards

One thing that did baffle us is that they put roulette and blackjack under ‘table games’. Yeah, we know that they are table games but most of the other online casinos that you stumble across online will split them up because these games are the highest earners for them.

This online casino loves to go all out on forming relationships with some of the biggest brands. However, the thing that we admire most about AzartPlay Casino is that they love forming relationships with the smaller brands too. Like, there are games listed on their front page which we have never even heard of before. That is really saying something, mostly since we review casinos and casino games for a living. We did check out these games, though. While they do not bring anything especially new to the table, they are a welcome break from some of the more familiar games we have been playing.

Mobile Casino

One thing that you are probably going to notice about AzartPlay Casino when you load it up for the first time is the fact that this is a casino which seems to be built for mobile devices. Don’t get us wrong, it is going to load up in your browser quickly if you are using a computer and it is easy to browse. However, the site is really going to come into its own when you load it up on a mobile device. There is no additional software to download. Just load up the site, register, and play as much as you want.

AzartPlay Casino Bonuses

We do not want to talk too much about bonuses here, mostly because they change. However, we do want to point out that AzartPlay Casino goes ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to ensuring that their loyalty bonuses are fantastic. They change them up regularly, and no matter what bonus is on offer through the online casino at the time, it always seems to be better than the last. There are even regular competitions on the site where you can win additional free spins and a little bit more than that. What is not to love?

Play at AzartPlay Casino

Why not check out AzartPlay Casino? If you are looking for a brand new online casino to play at then we genuinely can’t think of a better place to head. You have plenty of games. You have top bonuses, and then you have a whole lot more thrown on top of that.

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