BETAT Casino Review & Bonus Code 2018


Betat Casino Review

I am normally somewhat on the ball when it comes to online casinos, particularly brilliant ones, so I have absolutely no idea how Betat Casino managed to slip through the net for me. Actually, a bit of a shame that it did, because this site is fantastic. I mean, it is not the greatest website in the world, but it certainly brings enough to the table to keep you occupied. Let me tell you a little bit about what it is about.

Game Selection

As with most of the online casinos you find nowadays, there is a heavy focus on slots machines. After all, this is where the bulk of the business for an online casino comes from. Here are the slots that you will be able to enjoy if you play here. Well, the vendors:

  • Microgaming
  • Leander
  • NextGen
  • NetEnt
  • Evolution
  • Genesis
  • Chance Int.
  • ELK Studios
  • BetSoft
  • Iron Dog

Basically, every major vendor, bar IGT, has representation here. If you can think of a slot machine, then there is a massive chance that you will be able to play it at Betat Casino, which is not bad at all.

In addition to this, you have a plethora of table games, instant win games etc. that you will be able to dive into. However, for some obscure reason these are not really highlighted on the main page. All of the games highlighted on the main page are slots. This is a bit annoying, mainly because we can’t help but feel that Betat is throwing away a good chunk of business by not really having any pictures showing that they do more than slots. This is because you must realise that the majority of people who head to a site are not really going to be playing slots right off the bat. Instead, they are going to be playing one of the other games and then playing slots to increase the amount of money that they have won.

What does get good representation, well at least in a banner at the top of the page, is live gaming. As with many of the newer online casinos, there is not a massive selection of live games available, mostly because they are exceedingly expensive to license from the various gaming companies, but there are enough games there to keep you occupied and it seems that Betat are opening various new live casino rooms on a monthly basis, so this is not going to be that much of an issue.

Site Functionality

As with many of the online casinos, particularly the newer ones, Betat is decent when it comes to site functionality. However, we do have a minor niggle with the way it works. As mentioned before; there is no real highlighting of the games that they offer besides the slots. There is a list at the side, but this is a list of about 40 games and only 2 games which are not slots appear in it. This is a text list too, so most people are never going to read it.

Unlike many of the other online casinos you find, Betat does not have a pictorial representation of the various games. Yes, you will be able to find whatever table game you want to play from a drop down menu but man, come on, make a bit more obvious what your site is going to bring to the table if you want to do some serious business. We mean that. This is a company which is really missing a trick at the moment.

That being said, their advanced search feature is good enough and if you have an idea about what game you want to play, providing the site offers it, then you should be ‘good to go’.

Other than this, I can’t really see anywhere that Betat could possibly improve when it comes to the actual look and functionality of their website. They have a plethora of deposit options available, a plethora of ways in which you can withdraw your money, and several ways in which you can get in touch with them. I am struggling to think of something that I do not like on this front and I am really struggling. I guess that this is a sign of a good website, yes?

Mobile Functionality

Of course, as with many online casinos nowadays, Betat has put a major focus on mobile gaming. The site is really smooth when you head to it too. The only real issue that you have is that, at times, it can seem a little bit busy. There may also be one or two games which do not seem to work as well as they should on mobile devices. However, this is not something that you can really blame on Betat. They are just leasing the software from somebody else, and it will be the fault of the game provider if anything.

BETAT Casino Bonuses

There is a decent welcome bonus available, with up to £500 of your initial bet matched (make sure that you check the site when you sign up as this could change). This is in addition to a few free spins, which is ideal for slot machine lovers.

Where the site really thrives, however, are the regular promotions for their players. This includes a kickback cashback where you could potentially get cashback every time that you bet on a Wednesday (traditionally a dead time for online casinos), which means that this is a tremendous place to gamble.

Sign up to BETAT Casino Today!

We have it on good authority that the casino bonuses that you see at Betat Casino are currently among some of the best in the industry. This means that they may not be hanging around for all that long, so we suggest that you act now and sign up to Betat Casino. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can dive into the treasure trove of games that the site has!

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