Big Bang Slot Review


Big Bang Slot Review

I know. Big Bang slot machine is probably not the most popular NetEnt slot at Madame Chance or Grand Ivy Casino. I have absolutely no idea why. It may be down to the fact that it is not a game built for the higher rollers. There is a chance that you can win a 32x multiplier when you are playing the game but, for the most part, the wins are going to come in slow and steady. Not a problem for newer players, thankfully. Here is our review.


This game was first released for mobile devices in March 2014. It is a little bit older than that for desktop computers. There are 5 reels and 25 paylines. The house edge is 4% which is a little bit higher than what NetEnt normally offers. This is a low volatility slot. You can get started with a 25p spin and the maximum you can bet is £50, again lower than what NetEnt normally offers. For us, this is not really a problem as we tend to bet nowhere near the maximum level anyway.

Big Bang Slot Theme

There is not much to the theme if I am being honest with you here. This seems like one of those games the art team at NetEnt threw together when they had nothing else to do. As with all NetEnt games, it is going to look good. The images are well-designed. However, nothing is going to blow your mind. It is just a few symbols of some planets and some letters. The music over the top of the game is listenable, which is cool.

How does it play?

As I mentioned at the start; this is not a game for those who prefer to win big. This is a slot where, in most cases, you are going to be getting a win on every single spin. Yes. You heard me right. A win on every single spin. This means that you probably can’t expect massive amounts of cash to roll in. That being said, it is awesome because it keeps your bank roll in a decent position and allows you to continue to gamble for as long as possible. Every so often you will stumble across a larger win which will make that slog to the end worth it.

I reckon that this is a slot machine which is going to be best for the beginning players out there. Once you have played a few video slots, then the Big Bang video slot is going to be one that you will actively avoid. It is just not fun when you are looking to make buckets of cash. Most of the time, if you catch me playing this game then it will be because I have a lower bank roll and I just want to build it up a little bit or maybe add a small amount to the top.

The Mobile Game

This is one of only a few slots that NetEnt has gone back and created a mobile version of. It plays well too. It is not going to play as well as some of the latest games as this one is over 3 and a half years old now, but it is still going to play sort-of OK. If you love your mobile slots, then you will certainly have some fun with this one.

The Features

Not much in the way of features on this slot. Obviously, you have your wilds. This is the Supernova symbol and acts as a replacement for every other symbol in the game. Pops up a bit but never awards you that much in the way of a win.

Every time you get a consecutive win (as I said, most of your spins will be a win), the multiplier will creep up. This can result in a decent amount of cash if you continue to win on the game. It is likely that you will too. As I mentioned right at the start; the maximum multiplier is 32x and even when the payout for the symbols is low, this can net you a big win. It is unlikely that you will ever hit that, though. You will be hitting the x16 multiplier a lot.


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