Blood Suckers 2: Slot Review


Blood Suckers 2: Slot Review

There are just two vampire slots in this world that you should play. Both of them carry the Blood Suckers name. This is the follow-up to the original game. I know that many people out there love the original, but this one is going to be better in just about every single way. Shall we take a look at what it brings to the table?


The mobile version of Blood Suckers 2 was first released in October 2017, although the game for desktop computers was kicking around a long time before that. It offers 5 reels and 25 paylines. The house edge is 3.06%. This is a medium volatility slot. The maximum you can bet is £250 and the minimum is 25p.

People who have played the original Blood Suckers will probably notice that these stats are a little bit different to the original game. The house edge is a whole 1% higher, for instance. It is a medium volatility slot unlike the original too. This means that the wins are likely going to come in a lot less frequently than the original. However, when they do come in, they tend to be a bit bigger. Basically, Blood Suckers 2 is the ideal game for those who prefer to roll a bit higher when they are playing. The original game is more for those who fancy something fun to play without expecting a massive ton of cash to land in their pockets.

Blood Suckers 2: Slot Theme

There are actually very few changes to the game beyond the stat changes. In terms of theme, this game is still all about those scary vampires. The whole look of the game has been given a bit of a spruce up, however. In fact, many of the symbols that you will encounter are exactly the same symbols as in the original. They just look a whole lot better on the eye.

We really do wish that NetEnt would go back and update the original version of the game with these graphics because they do look awesome. And, as I mentioned earlier, there are still a lot of people out there who tend to love the original game, particularly those who are new to the world of gambling.

Blood Suckers 2: Slot Features

This is another area where the game has not changed all that much. In fact, most of the features that you will encounter are exactly the same as in the original version of the game. NetEnt have added an extra feature on top of it all, though.

As with most other slots, the wilds are one of the features that will be popping up a lot. It just replaces all other symbols on the screen when you are looking to form a winning combination. Nothing too crazy here, to be honest.

In addition to this (and this is the new feature), there is a random slot win feature. This can pop up at any time during your spins, although there needs to be something that triggers it:

  • 2 scatters on the screen? A new one may be shot onto the reels which could give you free spins.
  • 2 bonus symbols on the reels? One more bonus symbol may be shot onto the reels.

It is not an amazing feature, but it does make it a little bit easier for you to trigger those bonus games so I can’t complain too much about this.

The free spins make a comeback with Blood Suckers 2. As with the previous game, three bonus symbols will net you ten free spins with a 3x multiplier. You can trigger more free spins, although it does not happen all that often.

Finally; there is a ‘click me’ feature. Again, something that appeared in the original version of the game. There are fifteen coffins. You keep picking coffins and winning some awesome prizes until you find an empty one.

The Strategy

Since this is one of several medium volatility slots at Madame Chance and Grand Ivy Casino, just bet at a level that you are comfortable with. You are not going to earn a massive amount of cash unless you trigger those bonus rounds, but that is cool. It is a fun game to play. Why not check it out today?


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