Blood Suckers Slot Review


Bloodsuckers Slot Review

There are actually two versions of the Bloodsuckers slot machine out. Grand Ivy Casino and Madame Chance have them both… this review is about the original version. Many people prefer it over Blood Suckers 2. That is up for you to decide.

Bloodsuckers Slot Theme

The theme is all about vampires. One of the trends that we have spotted in recent years is that many, many companies have decided to build games around vampires. The problem is that these games are downright terrible. Like, seriously terrible. In our opinion, vampires are meant to be scary. Most of the slots that you find online do not make them scary in the slightest. I hate, hate it! Thankfully, you have slots like Blood Suckers which aim to set the record straight.

So, you have scary vampires. This is one of the older slots from the company so do not expect anything mind blowing in the graphics department. It is just something which looks good. Blood Suckers 2 is somewhat of an improvement when it comes to the overall graphical style of the game, but this is something that we have covered elsewhere on this site.

The Stats

Both the desktop version and the mobile version of Blood Suckers was released in August 2014. It offers 5 reels and 25 paylines. The house edge is at the lower end for NetEnt games. This is 2%. It is a low to medium volatility slot so you may not see the wins come in anywhere near as frequently as you would with some of the other games, though.

The minimum bet per spins is 25p. The maximum is £50.

Mobile Game

There is a mobile version of Blood Suckers available. I can’t say that this is something which I have played too much. This is not because I do not think that it is good, because it is. Netent have always done a brilliant job when it comes to creating mobile games. In fact, they are genuinely one of the best slot companies in the world for that. The reason why I have not played it that frequently is down to the fact that I spend the vast majority of my time playing desktop games. It is just so much more fun to sit in a chair and stare at my computer screen. Much more comfortable. However, I can tell you that those people who tend to play their mobile slots on the go are not going to be disappointed when they play Bloodsuckers.

Blood Suckers Slot Features

For an older NetEnt slot, you actually do get a few features in the game. Nothing that you are unlikely to have encountered before, but enough to keep you excited when you play the slot. This includes:

  • Wilds: of course, this game is based around vampires. This means that the wild symbol is going to be vampire sucking on the neck of one of his victims. In this case, that vampire is Dracula, like the best one around. I mean, the best one around if he is not in the process of killing you. This does not pop up as often as I would hope, but it is nice when it does.
  • Scatters and Free Spins: if you get 3 or more scatters, you will get free spins. You will get 10 free spins with a 3x multiplier. This is quite a high amount. Since this is a low to medium volatility slot, you should be able to earn a decent amount of cash from this feature too.
  • Click me Coffin: whenever you get three or more bonus symbols. You just choose coffins until you hit an empty one. Plenty of prizes for you to obtain here.

Closing Thoughts

There is a reason why NetEnt decided to release a sequel to this game. It is because it is incredibly popular. It is incredibly popular because it is a ton of fun to play. I suggest that you check out both this and the follow-up game, particularly if you like vampires. I can guarantee that it is going to be an awesome experience for you! These are still some of my favourite NetEnt slots ever, which is really saying something because they have released some fantastic ones in recent years.


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