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Dream Jackpot Casino

I am going to be honest with you here; if you head to the Dream Jackpot casino, it does not look that amazing. In fact, if I had not been tasked with reviewing it, then I probably would have given it a skip. I am glad I did not, though. While it is not the most amazing casino in the world, it certainly is worth your time.

The First Experience

As I mentioned already; the first experience on the site is not the greatest in the world. I don’t know if you regularly read my reviews on here, but you will notice that I tend to be a person that hates huge banner ads. It makes the whole place look messy. I can look beyond it a bit, but banner ads are normally out of the question in my mind. Clean interface is the way to go. However, I fear that Dream Jackpot has gone a little bit too clean on the interface front.

You see, the problem with Dream Jackpot is that they have decided that the best way to showcase their company is to not have any ads on their front page at all. In fact, it just seems to be a long article about what they do. Nobody got time to read, people want to play games. I am sure that it is a very exciting article, but it does seem out of place.  The games do, eventually, load over the top of the article, but it is just so odd that the article was the first thing to see.

Once the games appear, then the layout of the site looks a bit better, but my impression had already been ruined.

Remember; this is related only to the layout of the site on a desktop computer. You will be pleased to know that Dream Jackpot have put a lot of effort into ensuring that the mobile site looks good. This is just as well, really. Most of the people that you find online are going to be gambling from their mobile device, which means that the site needs to look good. However, we just wish that the design of the desktop site was not simplified to help this. The menus are nice and all, but come on, make them a bit more browsable on a desktop computer. Nobody really has time to extensively click bits and pieces.

Finding the game that you want is fantastically simple if you are playing on a mobile device. If you are on a PC or laptop, then it is a bit less so. It can be hard to track down those games. There is a search bar, but clicking through plenty of options is not the greatest experience in the world. For some reason, you can’t go through the wealth of games from the main page. You need to go to a different section of the site. I am going to be honest with you, making me jump through hoops is not really something that gels well with me. I am old, I only have so much time left!

Game Selection

Thankfully, Dream Jackpot makes up for their bad first impression by the myriad of games that they have available for an avid player to tuck into. Of course, most of the website is focused on slots. This is how online casinos make their money, so it would be amiss if they did not do so. The best part is that there are more slots here than many of the other online casinos that you stumble across online, particularly those more popular online casinos. This is all down to the fact that Dream Jackpot Casino has decided to work with a multitude of vendors. Not only do you have popular games from companies such as NetEnt, but you have some lesser-known slot vendors thrown in for good measure too. This means that an avid player is never going to find that they have run out of stuff to play.

If that were not enough, you have a wealth of table games and live dealer games too. Not too bad for a site which has barely made a dent in the world of online casinos as of yet, right? The best part is that the company is constantly looking to expand its range. I have no doubt that by the time you read this review, Dream Casino would have added dozens of new games on top of the hundreds that they already have.

Dream Jackpot Casino Bonuses

This is where most people look first when they are tracking down a new site to gamble at. You could probably do the same, although we always recommend looking at the site functionality first as it will make your life a whole lot easier when choosing a website. However, you already know that Dream Jackpot is good, so feel free to think about the bonuses.

The welcome bonus is probably one of the best online at the moment. At the time of writing, it is a matched bonus up to about £900 over multiple bets, although do remember that this is subject to change. This is in addition to a plethora of different deals that they offer throughout the week. We can’t possibly comment on what they are doing right now because having been on Dream Jackpot a good couple of weeks now, they have changed their bonuses so frequently (just to keep people engaged), that we know that the information we have will be out of date by the time you read it.

Play at Dream Jackpot Casino Now!

We recommend that you hop on over to the Dream Jackpot Casino and start to play right now. Remember; since this is a newer casino, the bonuses are going to be amazing in a bid to reel as many new players in as possible, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you can take advantage of what are known to be some of the best bonuses in the industry. Can you really turn your nose up at that?

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