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Dunder Casino Review

I am going to be honest with you here; I was initially reluctant to review Dunder Casino, mostly because I am not a fan of online casinos which have you sign up right away. Seriously, head to the Dunder Casino website and you will be greeted with a sign-up box before you do anything else on the site. Bit annoying, to be honest. In my opinion, the first thing that you should be shown is the wealth of games that you can enjoy, and you will get there eventually without signing up, it just takes a bit of hunting around for the right button to click (hint: it is in the top right hand corner)

First Impressions

Let’s put that initial sign-up box to the side for a moment. You know that I hate it when online casinos do it, and thus it does not bear worth mentioning about again. Instead, I want to focus on the site layout.

In my opinion, Dunder Casino is probably one of the best laid out sites that I have seen in a while. The interface is just so clean and it is a true joy to browse. This is me talking from the perspective of playing on a desktop computer, but I just booted it up on my mobile device and I msut say that it looks even better on there. You can tell that Dunder Casino built their site for mobile devices, but they certainly did not forget about those who are playing on their computers. This is fantastic, mostly because in my opinion there are far, far too many companies out there who forget about their desktop players nowadays. In fact, in recent months I have discovered plenty of websites which only focus on their mobile crowd. You can’t even play on their sites if you are using a desktop computer and that is a massive no in my books.

The major thing that I liked about Dunder Casino is how they laid out their website. Their game selection is one of the easiest to browse in the world. Like, if you want to find a specific game but you do not know the name of it, Dunder Casino has been set up in such a way that you will be able to find it anyway. Let’s say you want to find all games that are based upon Fairy Tales. All you need to do is click the ‘Fairy Tales’ theme button and away you go. Know that you want to play a game with falling symbols but do not know which game you want to play at the moment? Click the category for falling symbols too. Oh boy, this is something that we wish other online casinos offered because we discovered so many amazing games when we were on the site just by randomly clicking these links, and that is absolutely amazing!

Of course, if you do have a specific game in mind then there is a convenient search system in the top right of the casino. Click that and you will be taking to the game that you want to play instantly (assuming that Dunder Casino has it, but they likely will do so this is not going to be that much of an issue!)

Game Selection

The game selection is vast. Now, I must admit the fact that there are categories for everything does make the collection seem a bit bigger than it actually is, but after browsing about Dunder Casino for a while, I can’t honestly find a game that I want to play which they do not have. I have no idea how regularly you play at online casinos, but this is something which is incredibly rare.

As with most of the online casinos that you find online, the slots that the company offers is somewhat of their forte. It is the slots which pay the bills, obviously. People will be spending an age just playing on slots, sometimes winning, mostly losing (unless they devise an awesome playing strategy), so it makes sense that slots are an area which Dunder Casino seems to be pushing incredibly hard.

However, unlike many new sites, Dunder Casino seems to be a massive fan of pushing their live casino offerings. In fact, if you browse to the game selection, you will notice that the biggest piece of real estate on their site will be the live casino. If you click that link, then you will see that they have oodles of games available too, and you can hop into them in a couple of seconds. Honestly, if you are looking for a new online casino which offers live casino games, then I reckon that Dunder Casino is probably one of the best around at the moment, and I have no doubt that they are going to continue to be one of the best around for the foreseeable future.

Dunder Casino Bonuses

The bonuses do not seem to be the main focus for Dunder Casino. Obviously, they have some decent bonuses in place, but they do not seem to be the main thing about the site. Instead, it is about the massive selection of games. You can think of the bonuses, both the loyalty bonuses and the welcome bonuses as a bit of a sweetener to get you on an already amazing website. However, honestly, if you head to Dunder Casino (or any casino for that matter), the play experience should be the first thing that you think about anyway.

Play at Dunder Casino Today

If you are interested in playing some rather epic casino games, then why not hop on over to Dunder Casino now? There are some top bonuses on offer, which means that you will be able to enjoy the games that you want in the best possible way. Remember; the bonuses and games may be subject to change, but the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will be able to play on one of the greatest online casinos around!

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