EXCLUSIVE! Ganapati CrypCrusade Slot Review


CrypCrusade: Introduction

I am not going to lie to you here; it is going to be tough for me to give CrypCrusade a proper review. This is because it is still in the earliest possible stages of development. By that, I mean that there are graphical glitches abound. In fact, I have only managed to get the graphics loaded once in the game. Thankfully, this is something which is likely to be solved when the game launches for real in a few months. I can take this time to talk about what is most important to the people reading this review, though. This is the features. I am not going to comment on the overall look of the game because I genuinely do not remember what it looked liked.

Betting Limits

The minimum bet per spin is 50 cents. The maximum is €250. This is, roughly, in line with the other games from this developer being launched at the same time. The CrypCrusade slot offers 5-reels, 3-rows and 50-lines. The lines are fixed. No matter what level you bet at, you will be betting on all of the lines.


Despite the graphical glitches in place on CrypCrusade, this does have the makings of a quality game. Look at this whopping feature list. You will be hard-pressed to find a major casino game developer who would be willing to take a punt on having all of these features in the same game. Obviously, some will you have encountered before and will very much be ‘staples’ of the slot machine world.

Wild Symbol

This is one of the staples. It can appear only on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reel. It substitutes for all symbols in the game bar the scatter. It appears often too, most likely awarding you a win when it does appear.

CrypCrusade Free Spins

Anybody who reads my reviews regularly will know that I am a massive fan of free spins. You get plenty of them in CrypCrusade! Get at least three scatter symbols and you will be awarded with 10 free spins. During these free spins, additional wilds will be added to the reels. You can’t trigger more free spins during this game mode, sadly.

Stacked Symbols

This is another feature that I absolutely love. I genuinely do not think that there are enough slot developers out there offering stacked symbols. In CrypCrusade, a stacked symbol can cover up to three positions on a reel. Wild symbols can even be stacked in this game!

My Thoughts on CrypCrusade

As I mentioned at the start; it is exceedingly tough to give CrypCrusade a genuine review because I do not know what it looks like. Hopefully, by the time the game is launched, the developer will have sorted out this problem (will be a shoddy launched otherwise). Based on the other games I have seen from this developer, I can assure you that it is likely going to be looking fantastic. Even if it is not, the features packed into the game will more than make up for that.


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