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Highroller Casino Review

Don’t be put off by the name here, the High Roller casino is not just for high rollers. In fact, many of the games have a low bet minimum in line with other casinos out there e.g. a couple of pennies. Of course, as with many of the newer casinos, this is a site which really does like to reward the people who are gambling away a ton of cash, so it would be nice if you are a high roller when you head here.

What Does Highroller Casino Bring to the Table?

Quite a lot, in fact!

As with many of the online casinos that seem to be popping up nowadays, High Roller Casino covers not only the United Kingdom but the rest of Europe. This means that they have a lot of money to pour into the development of your site. Basically, we do not begrudge a single site out there that does that.

If you have kept up to date with the world of new online casinos, then you will probably notice that more and more of them are now starting to invest heavily in having multiple game brands on offer through their website. This is because that is how the real money is made. If you have a good selection of games, especially slots, then you can be certain that people are going to much rather be gambling with you than one of the multitudes of other casinos online.

So, that leads me onto my first point; High Roller Casino is all about the slots. There are hundreds of the things. Now, liker other websites, High Roller Casino does cycle out some of their older games on occasion. You need to make way for new games without your players getting bogged down, after all, however, they do not seem to cycle them out anywhere near as often as some other casinos out there. This means that if you are a fan of one of the older games, then you do not need to worry about it disappearing any time soon. Now, I know that I say this a lot; but that is something which is genuinely quite wonderful. I loathe getting into an awesome game only to find out that I can’t play it ever again unless I find an older casino which has not gone through the cycle yet, and those sites are becoming very hard to find nowadays, if I do say so.

Of course, you also have table games on top of this, as well as several different live gambling options. While the company is based in Malta, they do have a UK Gambling Licence, which is great as it means that you can play it while you are located in the United Kingdom without any real issues.

Site Functionality

As you may have guessed from their branding, this site is all about making you feel ‘rich’. As I mentioned at the start, you really do not need to be a high rolling gambler in order to get anything from playing at High Roller Casino. There are plenty of cheap games that you can play, but the casino does not really let you in on that secret, which is a great shame because this is one of only a few online casinos from the newer side of things which I have had a genuine amount of fun playing on, even if I am gambling down the lower end of the market. Ah well. I suppose you can’t have it all.

All in all, the site should be easy to browse. The only real issue that I have is the fact that they do have hundreds of games. I believe over 500 of them. There are no real filters in place where you can narrow down your search either. Well, at least beyond the standard ‘slots’, ‘table games’ etc. I can’t help but feel that this would be a nice feature for the company to include in the future. They play host to a ton of fantastic games, but you never really are going to see many of them as the online casino is all about forcing the more popular ones upon you. Yeah, I can see why they do it, but I really wish that they did not!

Deposits and Withdrawals

Seem to be quick. In fact, High Roller Casino has one of the lowest waiting periods to get your hands on your cash in the business. On average, the waiting period should be about twenty four hours. After that, it is all dependent on the payment company that you have selected. Honestly, I can’t imagine it taking more than a couple of days to get your hands on the money that you have won. This is brilliant as most casinos seem to think that waiting a week is fine, particularly at the newer end of the market.

Deposits are quick and easy with several different methods available. Basically, you get the standard fare here.

Customer Support

I never needed to get in touch with the customer support at High Roller Casino. However, before I wrote this review, I did read some reviews from other people that had.

While the customer support is not 24 hour, it should never take the company more than a couple of hours for them to respond to your messages. They tend not to have you go through a multitude of different departments either. In most cases, it should be dealt with at the first ‘port of call’. Again, this is the main reason why I gamble at newer casinos. They really do know how to treat their players.

Check Out Highroller Casino Today!

By now, I am sure that you are excited to check out the High Roller Casino, so why not head to their website? It only takes a couple of minutes to get signed up. This means that you can start to take advantage of their bonuses sooner as opposed to later, which is nifty!

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