How to play Dracula at Grand Ivy Casino


Dracula: Introduction

There are several different vampire-themed slots from NetEnt to play at Grand Ivy Casino. You have probably heard of Blood Suckers. If you have not, then we have put together a couple of reviews for these games elsewhere on this site. Today, I want to talk about Dracula. It is one of the lesser-known vampire-themed slots, but it is an awesome amount of fun to play.


Dracula was first released in April 2015. It is a video slot which offers 5 reels and 40 paylines. The house edge is 3.4%. It is a low to medium volatility slot.

If you want to get started on Dracula, then you will need to plump up 20p per spin. The maximum bet per spin is £200.

Theme of the Game

Unlike Blood Suckers, Dracula is actually based upon something. Well, obviously the Dracula vampire (probably the most famous one in the world), but also the Universal Studios movie of the same name. A very old movie, in fact.

If you have seen the movie, then you will be pleased to know that this game recreates the aesthetics of it perfectly. In fact, of all the Universal Monsters slots that the company has designed over the past couple of years, this is probably one of the better ones that they have produced. This is really saying something too as I believe all the Universal Studios slots from NetEnt are amazing.

The music in this game is eerie. Obviously, it is not going to be that scary. Sure, Dracula is scary, but the movie is very much a love story with some horror elements mixed in. I am sure that since you are reading about this, you know what the movie is about anyway!

Dracula Mobile Slot

There is a mobile version of the Dracula slot machine available. A decent one, in fact. While I do still do most of my games on the desktop, it is nice to whip out the game on occasion and have a bit of a fiddle about with it when I am doing my daily commute!

Dracula Slot Features

There are a few features in Dracula. None of them are ones that you are unlikely to have encountered in the past, but they are all well-themed. Of course, the feature that is likely going to be popping up the most for you will be your wilds. These can actually come stacked across several reels. As with all other games, the wilds are going to act as a substitute for the other symbols in the game.

The bat feature can appear randomly in the game. It actually does pop up quite often, in fact. When this feature occurs, the bats fly onto the screen and change some of the symbols to other symbols. It will give you a winning combination more often than not, which is cool if you are looking for some wins.

In order to trigger the free spins mode, the Dracula stacked symbol needs to appear on reel two. The woman stacked symbol needs to appear on reel three. It is a little bit different to how this feature works in other games, but I like it. You will be given a cool ten free spins.

The best part about the free spins is that the bat feature will appear on every spin without fail. You do not get a multiplier in place, but I really do not care about that as just about every one of your free spins is going to net you some cash. You can even win more free spins (up to 2 additional free spins) if you get the stacked wild on the third reel.

Playing Strategy

Most of your wins are going to come from the free spins mode. I suggest that you bet down the lower end of the market. You won’t win much unless you are in free spins, so you are going to want to ensure that you have the feature triggering often or you will be blowing through your bank roll.

If you fancy playing one of the best Universal Monsters movies, then head to an online NetEnt casino and play Dracula today. It is going to be worth playing it!


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