How to play Elements: The Awakening at Grand Ivy Casino


    Elements: The Awakening Slot Introduction

    I have been reviewing NetEnt slots for a few years now. I know which ones seem to be the most popular. I also know which ones people tend not to pay any attention to. Elements: The Awakening is one that seems to fall under the radar somewhat. It is a bit of a shame, really. While it is not the best slot in the world, it is still fun to play.


    This game was added to Grand Ivy Casino in March 2017 which makes it relatively recent. However, it did not get that much traction at the time with reviewers instead opting to look into some of the other games NetEnt had out. Can’t say that I blame them, to be honest. Elements: The Awakening is not a stand-out game in the slightest.

    There are 5 reels and 20 paylines. The house edge is 4%. It is a medium volatility slot. The minimum bet is 20p. The maximum is £100. So, this is a good spread of bets. Since this is a medium volatility slot, I am going to assume that most people are going to be gambling near the 20p per spin mark, just to ensure that they do not blow through their bank roll quickly.

    Theme and Mobile Game

    This game is probably one of the prettiest games that NetEnt have ever created. There is not an overabundance of animations, but I absolutely love the fact that the company has decided to design cute little characters which have their own personalities. You do not see this much nowadays. This makes the lack of popularity of Elements: The Awakening an even greater shame because it just looks so good.

    The mobile version of the game is even better. In fact, just like many of the other NetEnt games that you find nowadays, it is evident that NetEnt is diverting most of their cash towards their mobile options now. Not that I have an issue with this. I do love myself a good mobile game on occasion (who does not enjoy playing games on the go?).

    Elements: The Awakening Slot Features

    You have several features in this game. While there is a wild, it does not appear on the first reel. This can make it difficult to form some larger combinations, but that is cool. You can’t really form winning combinations with all wilds. Great shame, but there are bigger prizes elsewhere in the game so I can’t complain too much.

    Just like many of the other NetEnt slots released in recent years, this game boasts Avalanche reels. Whenever you score yourself a win in Elements: The Awakening, the winning symbols will disappear and new ones will fall into their place. This could lead to multiple wins in a row.

    One of the things that I love about this game is that it is those avalanches that lead to free spins. You need to get four of them in a row. The final element which you got in a winning combination will dictate how this feature is played out. You will always get 10 free spins, though. These are the features based on the elements:

    • Fire Storm: wilds spread across the reels when they appear.
    • Air Storm Wild: 2 sticky wilds throughout your free spins.
    • Earth Storm Wild: any wilds that appear will be sticky until they form part of a winning combination.
    • Water Wild: covers the whole reel. Basically, an expanded wild.

    Elements: The Awakening Strategy

    As with most slots that have a medium volatility, it can be tough to determine the optimal playing strategy for Elements. If I had to say, then I would tend to bet down the lower end of the market. This is because the bigger wins seem to come from the free spins. However, along the way, the game will tease you with a couple of smaller wins to make it seem like you are about to trigger the free spins mode, which is going to be great! It means that it is unlikely you will make a massive loss while you are playing Elements.

    If you are looking for an awesome slot that works with tons of free spins, then check out Elements today!


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