Is There a New Gambling Capital of the World?


    People from all over the world travel to Las Vegas for “the holiday of a lifetime” —

    Groups of friends visit go for the unforgettable nightlife, pool parties and endless shopping opportunities. Families may travel there to see the sights, explore the hotels and sample the range of food on offer.

    Yet despite all these attractions Sin City holds, there is one element that draws people there above anything else: the chance to gamble. Las Vegas is home to many casinos, either stand alone or located in the hotels. It is no wonder it is known as the casino city of the world.

    Yet there is now another city that is vying for that title. Macau, located in China is often referred to as the ‘Asian Las Vegas’. Throughout the last decade the city underwent a gambling boom, and now the two cities compete to be the biggest gambling mecca in the world. Casino Sites directly compares these two cities in detail, and provides some amazing facts to help you decide which is best.


    Currently, Las Vegas still has more casinos than Macau. The city in the Nevada desert boasts 104, 31 of these located directly on the main strip, while Macau has only 49.


    In terms of hotels, the two cities are fairly even. Las Vegas has 68. Macau has the upper hand here with 75 hotels.

    Gambling Machines

    This is where Las Vegas really is into a league of its own with the incredible 197,144 slot machines. In comparison, Macau only has 8,561 gaming, slot and video poker machines combined.

    It is, however, home to a horse track and a greyhound track, offering another type of gambling.

    But here’s the twist in the plot: despite the fact that Las Vegas has more casinos and slot machines, Macau’s gambling revenue is three times bigger.

    Why is Macau getting more revenue?

    When Portugal returned Macau to China in 1999, the city experienced a huge investment boom. Millions of people, mainly from mainland China, flooded the area for one reason alone: to gamble. As a result, gambling revenue has been soaring.

    Thanks to the money pouring in, some of the world’s biggest casino operators such as Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn have agreed to invest in the city, and over $20 billion was put aside to deck the city with luxury hotels and giant casinos.

    In addition to the huge revamp the city recently enjoyed, another thing that attracts people in is the fact that Macau is the only place in the whole of China where gambling is legal. Only in recent years many Chinese people were granted permission to travel there.

    This makes the city a gold mine for investors, with the draw being the fact that the tables on average pull in about seven times more money than the tables in Las Vegas.

    This is testament to just how serious the gamblers are in this part of the world. For comparison, many people head to Las Vegas to gamble casually or to enjoy one of the many other attractions the city has to offer.

    The Follow Up

    Other big cities in the region have seen the huge success of Macau over the past few years. This is making them rethink their own tourist strategies.

    For example, Singapore has plans to build its very own casino resort in the city, and Hong Kong officials are discussing the merits of allowing legal gambling.

    Only time will tell where the next gambling mecca will emerge!


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