EXCLUSIVE! Ganapati Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen Slot Review


Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen (PPAP): Introduction

Want a slot machine that is packed to the brim with colour? Well, that is exactly what you get in the Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen (PPAP) slot. In fact, this is probably one of the most colourful slots I have seen in a while. I love it.

Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen Gameplay

Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen is a 5-reel, 4-row and 40-line fixed slot. It has a decently low minimum bet, which is nice. At the time of writing, the game was still in the earliest possible stages of development, which means that I have no idea of the volatility of the slot as there is no payout table. That being said, based upon my experiences with the game thus far, I am willing to say that this is somewhere between medium and high volatility, which is not too bad.

Wild Symbol

This is the symbol that you are likely going to be encountering the most when you play Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen. It acts as a substitute for all the other symbols in the game, bar the scatter. Simple stuff.

Scatter Symbol

This is an important symbol as it helps to trigger the ‘free spins’ mode in Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen.

Re-Spin Round

There are several different ‘wild’ symbols in Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen. This includes:

  • Pen
  • Apple
  • Pineapple

When you get a wild symbol, it will be added to the collection bar. When you fill up the collection bar, you will get a free re-spin, which generally seems to award something nice. You are not going to have your mind blown by the amount you win, but any cash is nice.

Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen Free Spins

If you get at least 3 scatters, you will get 10 free spins. During this round, additional wilds will be added to the reels which have the potential to net you even more cash. You can’t win any more free spins during this round, sadly.

Pick a Win Bonus

This also occurs if you fill up the collection. You choose 3. Basically multipliers and cash prizes. Again, nothing that is so amazing that you are going to be rolling in the cash here, but exciting enough.

My Thoughts on Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen

Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen (PPAP) is a genuinely fun slot machine. I know that it is still in the earliest possible stages of development as I write this review, but even if nothing changes from between now and release (which I think is going to be about four months), the game is going to be fun to play. The features trigger often, and there are enough of them to keep you amused when you play.

Throw in the wonderful theme on top of this (again, I really want to point out how beautiful the colours look), and you have a game which is so amazingly fun to play that you are going to be spending a decent sum of cash on it, although you are going to be winning most of that back too. I highly recommend Pikotaro’s Pineapple Pen. I suggest that you check it out today (or when it is released if you are reading this before then)


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