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PlayFrank Casino Introduction

If you are in the United Kingdom, then you may have heard of ‘Frank’. I mean, when I first heard of the Play Frank Casino, I kind of thought that it was an offshoot of the ‘Talk to Frank’ website (y’know, the one about drugs). Obviously, it is not, but it is the first thing that shoots to mind when you hear the name Frank in association with a website.

Anyway, I digress. Let’s talk about the casino.

A Few Notes

Play Frank is a member of the UK Gambling Commission. However, for some reason there is not a dedicated ‘British’ part of the website.

For some reason, the English section is labelled by an EU Flag. If you find that you are not able to access the English version of the website, then click that flag.

Yeah, it is a little bit odd. Took me a while to find it too, but I promise you, that is how you can access Play Frank in English!

What Does Play Frank Casino Offer?

Slots, and plenty of them. Based upon looking, it seems that a lot of the focus seems to be on NetEnt slots, there are a few others thrown in for good measure, but it is mostly going to be NetEnt. Not that bad of a thing, to be honest. After all, NetEnt are one of the most popular casino game vendors in the world and they do make something quite amazing.

There are also some Microgaming slots and some Play N’ Go ones thrown in for good measure, but none of them seem to get the focus that NetEnt do.

On top of this, you have a hefty amount of table games, some live gambling, and then some instant win games. Sure, I know it is probably not going to blow your mind on the overall gaming level, but it is always nice to have a selection of things that you can tap into at a moment’s notice. It makes playing at an online casino so much more fun, in my opinion. Just for the record; if you are a fan of the games which have a low minimum bet, then Play Frank is going to be perfect for you. Obviously, the slots will have a fixed minimum bet and the live gambling is likely to be a bit on the higher side, but the rest of the site has you being able to bet from just a couple of pennies. This is perfect for those who love to gamble but really do not have a wealth of cash at their disposal.

There is not really anything on the Play Frank Casino that you would be unable to find anywhere else, but it is still nice to go through the games, mainly because they do not have a slightly larger selection than most casinos. It helps to keep everything under one roof like this, after all!

PlayFrank Casino Site Functionality

If there is just one thing to hate about Play Frank Casino, it is the fact that they do not really lay out the website all that well. I mean, sure, all the games are right there on the main page, but they all seem to blend into each other. You can narrow down your selection, but even then I do not like the overall layout. I guess that they were attempting to go down the route of something for mobile devices, but yeah.

Incidentally, that leads me onto the next point; this is a site which has very much been built for mobile devices. The games are laid out in a tile format which should, in theory, make it incredibly easy to select the game that you want to play. There is no additional software that you need to download, which is always a good thing. Having had a good browse through the list of games, it appears that everything should work fairly well with a mobile device too!

The final issue I have with the layout is that all of the ads on the main page have blended into one. Like, roulette is surrounded by slots. Sure, it shows the wealth of games that the site has available, but I really would have loved to have had Play Frank gives it some sort of ‘sort’ on the main page. It would have made my job easier, and I am positive that most of the online gamblers would have loved for them to have done that too.

In terms of deposits and withdrawals, all the main options are covered. It is not going to be blisteringly fast to get the money that you need out of your account, but it should be fast enough for most people. Anyway, the real highlight is not really the speed that you can get the money out of your account, it is more the fact that they have such a low minimum withdrawal. It means that you can actually eventually withdraw your cash.

PlayFrank Casino Promotions

Oddly enough, there does not seem to be a lot going on in the way of promotions on the Play Frank Casino. There are some welcome bonuses, but nothing that is going to blow your mind. In addition to this, there are some decent loyalty bonuses too. However, there only ever seems to be one or two running and they cycle out very quickly, which means that you can’t rely on them too hard. I suppose that it is just as well that the rest of the website is fantastic when ti comes to gambling, otherwise I would have felt let down on the promotions side of things!

Check Out PlayFrank Casino

If you want to check out Play Frank Casino, and I seriously suggest that you do, then it should be delightfully simple to get signed up to their website today.

It only takes a couple of seconds, and you will be able to take advantage of a wealth of different bonuses, which is always going to be nice!

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