Playing Divine Fortune at Grand Ivy Casino


Divine Fortune: Introduction

Divine Fortune is a progressive slot machine. However, unlike many of the other progressives that the company has released in recent years, it is a local progressive. This means that the prize is only dictated by the online casino that you play at. This means that you really do need to play at one of the largest casinos if you want to make a ton of cash through Divine Fortune. If you can get that, then this game is going to be fun to play.


This slot was released in January 2017. This means that it is one of the latest slots from NetEnt. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines on it. The house edge for Divine Fortune is 3.41%, which is a bit higher than some of the other progressives that NetEnt offers. It is a medium volatility slot which has a 20p minimum bet and a £10 maximum bet.

Playing Strategy

If you are going to be playing Divine Fortune, then you will want to be gambling a small amount of cash each spin. Probably around the 20-25p per spin mark. As far as I can tell, your chances of winning the progressive will not be hampered by the amount that you are betting per spin. The only thing that is impacted will be those smaller wins. However, to be honest with you, if you are playing Divine Fortune then you are probably not going to be chasing those smaller wins anyway so this is not that much of an issue.

You are not going to win stacks and stacks of cash unless you win the progressive (which is, obviously, going to be hard to win but happens from time to time at Grand Ivy Casino), but you should make enough to ensure that you are not blowing through your bank roll too quickly.

Divine Fortune Slot Theme

This game is based around Ancient Greece. It looks amazing too. One of the major problems I have had with NetEnt slots over the past couple of years is that they tend to focus too much on the animations and this can get a little bit tiring after a while. You are playing a slot to win money. You are not playing a slot to be dazzled. Yes. There are some animations to be found in Divine Fortune, but these are kept to the absolute minimum. The images are well-designed, though. Very pleasing on the eye.

The sound of the game is amazing. Yes. It is going to be repetitive. Most of the slots that you find online are like that. However, it is not going to be so repetitive that you will want to mute the game. This is a hallmark of good sound design!


There are several features to be found in Divine Fortune. They do not trigger that often as this is a medium volatility slot. However, when they do trigger, you will tend to get some nice wins.

My favourite feature to be found in Divine Fortune is the falling wild re-spins. This pops up whenever you get a wild on the reels. You will then be given a free re-spin. Each time the game re-spins, the wild will move down by one. The re-spin will continue until the wild disappears from the reels.

Also related to wilds is the wild on wild feature. This happens when you get a wild come into contact with another wild. This happens more often than you may think. When this happens, the whole reel will become wild. Yes. The falling wild re-spins feature is still going to be in play here.

Scatters will give you free spins. Between 5 and 12 dependent on the number of scatters you get. All wilds will now be expanded wilds. They appear less often, though. In fact, they appear once in about every 200 spins. You probably will not see a wild.

You could potentially win the jackpot if you get 3 or more bonus symbols in the game. You will then be taken to a special game mode where you can spin the jackpot reels. This feature is another one which triggers often, although do not expect to win big!

If you want a good progressive to play, then check out Divine Fortune today!


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