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    Emoji Planet: Introduction

    Emoji Planet is a slot that I know that many of you are going to skip. This is because who really needed a slot based upon emojis? Well, I am telling you now; you absolutely must check out this slot. It is a ton of fun. Ignore the theme for a while! Let’s take a look at what it brings to the table, shall we?

    Emoji Planet Stats

    Emoji Planet is one of the newest slots I have reviewed on this site. It first came out in August 2017 so it is fairly new. As a result, you will find very few reviews on it. Bit of a shame that, really. It means many people miss out on how awesome this game is.

    This game has 6 reels and all ways pay. The house edge of 3.6%. It is a high volatility slot, though. The maximum you can win is £1,000,000, although that will require you betting at the upper limit of £200. I reckon most people will be betting at the lower end of 20p per spin.

    Emoji Planet Slot Theme

    It is the theme of the game which is likely going to be putting most people off playing this game. The problem with Emoji Planet is that it came out at the same time as the Emoji Movie which, to be honest with you, is quite frankly terrible. This means that the theme is going to be off-putting. However, to be honest with you, I recommend that you look past the theme of the game. Once you do, it is amazing. Like. It is wonderfully designed, and the images do look great.

    It is obvious that a game about emojis is going to get most of its players from mobile devices. NetEnt knows this, which is why the whole game has been based around mobile devices. This is fine. If you are a desktop player, you should still get a decent amount of fun on desktop computers. In fact, that is the only way I play.

    Emoji Planet Slot Features

    There are several different features to be found in the Emoji Planet slot, so take a deep breath as we have a lot to cover here.

    As with most of the slots NetEnt has pumped out in recent years, this game has an avalanche feature. For those who are unaware, the avalanche feature means that if you get a winning combination, the symbols will disappear and new ones will fall into their place. This means that you could feasibly win several times on a single spin.

    This game also does not have the traditional payline structure. Instead, it pays out in clusters. So, if you get five or more of the same symbol touching, then you get a win. I enjoy this. It helps to add something a bit more unique into the game.

    When you play Emoji Planet, you will notice that there are five different emoji meters on the screen. If you form a winning combination using an emoji, then the relevant emoji meter will start to fill up. Once you have added twelve to that meter, you get a bonus. These bonuses include:

    • Bomb: 8 random symbols on the reels are destroyed and you get a coin bonus.
    • Pizza: 3×3 of a random symbol added to reels.
    • Kiss: 3 sticky wild symbols added to the reel. Each has three lives. They stay in place until each one has been used to form three wins. Nice feature this one.
    • Rocket feature: 10 wild symbols which fall into place as you form winning combination.
    • Two hearts: doubles the total win that you have earned up until that point (after the other bonuses are taken into account)

    Playing Strategy for Emoji Planet

    The best way in which to play Emoji Planet is to keep your bets nice and low. This is because the only time you will win massive amounts of cash is if you trigger the features and this does not occur that often. You should ramp up your bet when you get close to triggering the feature. You can tell when this happens by looking at the emoji meter.

    Why not check out Emoji Planet today? Head over to Grand Ivy Casino to get started.


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