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    Fantasini: Master of Mystery Introduction

    One of the biggest problems I have with NetEnt slots is that they are not so brilliant at designing unique games. This is a company which really seems to thrive on doing something with movie and music IPs. I think Fantasini Master of Mystery is an exception to this rule.


    This slot was first released in February 2016. It offers 5 reels and 243 paylines. The minimum bet is 25p per spin. The maximum bet is £125 per spin. It is a medium to high volatility slot (rate for NetEnt) with a 3.4% house edge.

    I am not going to go too deep into the strategy of Fantasini here, mainly because I want to spend a decent amount of time telling you what it brings to the table instead. However; I do want to point out that it is really, really tough to talk about a strategy for a slot with medium to high volatility. This is because you have no idea how much to bet per spin. You know where you stand with a low or high volatility slot. Therefore, if you are going to play this then I suggest that you keep your bets down the lower end of the market until you feel comfortable with the money you have trickling in.

    Fantasini: Master of Mystery Slot Theme

    As you can probably guess from the name; this game is all about magic and the like. Not the most original thing in the world, but it works. The design of the game is decent. I can’t help but feel that this is the type of game that NetEnt was creating when it had little else to do that day. It is not going to blow your mind in terms of design, but it works.

    I think the fact that Fantasini does not try to wow you is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Anybody who has played NetEnt slots in recent years will be able to tell you that this is a company which often tries way too hard when it comes to the design of their slots. This can make them a bit ‘over the top’ and not fun to play in the slightest. Fantasini does not get this at all.

    Bonus Features

    There are a couple of different bonus features to be found in this slot. Nothing too crazy, though. The main one is the wild. This takes the form of Fantasini himself. Does not do much. He just acts as a replacement for the other symbols that you will find in the game.

    In addition to this, there is a joint reels feature. It is similar to Twin Spin (you have played that, right?). This means that on each spin, there is a chance that two of the reels will spin together. This means that they always land on the same symbols. However, I have found that you tend not to win that much when you are playing this feature. The only time you will ever win a bit of cash using the linked reels is if you are lucky enough to get more than three of them spinning at once. In theory, all of the reels could spin together. That has never happened for me.

    Do I recommend it?

    I do!

    I know the features that can be found in Fantasini may not sound like the most interesting thing in the world. If you are a more experienced slot player then you may want to look at some of the other games out there. If you are looking for something which is going to give you a decent introduction into the world of online slots then you are probably not going to go far wrong with this. I tend to play it when I am looking for something a bit basic where I do not have to rely on tons of features triggering just right in order to win some money. You will win something on Fantasini, but it won’t be a ton of cash. For most people, this is going to be fine.

    If you want to check out the Fantasini slot we recommend you to head over to Grand Ivy Casino for a great selection of NetEnt games.


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