Playing Fisticuffs at Madame Chance Casino


    Fisticuffs: Introduction

    There are a lot of slots in the NetEnt arsenal. In fact, there are so many NetEnt slots at Madame Chance Casino that half of the games are never even talked about. Fisticuffs is one of the games most people forget about. This is a shame, because it is one of the better games that NetEnt has produced…at least for when it comes to newer players.

    Fisticuffs Stats

    Fisticuffs is an older slot. This means that you can’t expect anything too breathtaking in terms of features or graphics. However, the fact that it is still going strong despite being released in July 2013 really shows that this game is going to be fun to play for at least some people.

    There are 5 reels and 10 paylines. It is a low volatility slot with a house edge of 3.3%. The minimum bet is 20p per spin. The maximum is £200 per spin.

    Gameplay Strategy for Fisticuffs

    Obviously, this is a low volatility slot. This means that you can expect to get a win on most of your spins. It will never be that high, but it is nice to have a steady flow of cash coming in. I love low volatility slots as it means that I can offer a decent playing strategy. I know exactly where I stand with them, basically.

    With Fisticuffs, bet as high as you feel comfortable with. Whenever I am playing a low volatility slot, I like to bet at around 10-20% of what my bankroll is, although I know that there are some people out there who will bet at 5%. Honestly, if 5% is your limit, then go for it. You should be able to get a decent number of spins out without breaking the bank.

    Fisticuffs Slot Theme

    Since this is an older slot, the theme is not really there. Although, this is fine!

    The thing with NetEnt slots, or slots in general for that matter, is that they have really started to go down the route of trying to appeal to people who love flashy graphics and animations. This is fine to some extent. However, when you are having dozens of animations thrown at you from every which way, it can be a little bit cumbersome after a while. This is why I love the older slots from NetEnt.

    This game is based around boxing. The images are simple and the animations are simple. It is a nice game to play if you are looking for a break from some of the more complicated slots out there such as Aliens and the like. I know that it is not necessarily going to be breathtaking for many people out there, but it works.

    One thing I was surprised about with the Fisticuffs slot is that despite it being launched in 2013, it does work exceedingly well on mobile devices. In fact, it is incredibly smooth. You would be forgiven for thinking that NetEnt built up this game with mobile devices in mind but when this game was released, mobile devices were a mere pipedream for companies that offer these games. So, I love that about it.

    Fisticuffs Features

    Only a couple of features here. As with other slots, your wild is going to be prominent. It can act as a replacement for any other symbol in the game. This is how most of your wins are going to start to roll in. In addition to this, if you can trigger the boxing feature then you can get stacked wilds on the 1st and 5th reels. This is nice and you can get even more wins when that happens.

    When the two boxers in the game are opposite each other diagonally, they get involved in a boxing match. When one of them is knocked out, any symbols that they hit as they collapse turned into wilds. You then get a free respin with these wilds on the reels. This is a feature which seems to trigger a lot, and I have always won whenever this appears.


    Fisticuffs is not the most complicated slot in the world. It is probably not the most interesting either. However, I know that there are several people out there who are fine with that. If you fall into this group, then Fisticuffs is almost certainly worth checking out.


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