Playing Flowers at Madame Chance Casino


    Flowers: Introduction

    Who would have thought a game about flowers could be so popular at Madame Chance Casino? Well, NetEnt, apparently! Since these are the gods of the world of slots, they seem to know what they are doing. I am glad that they took a little bit of a gamble here too. This game is a tremendous amount of fun.


    This game is a bit on the older side of things, but it still works well. The Flowers slot from NetEnt certainly seems to be one of the more ‘unique’ looking slots, which means that it has held up well despite its age.

    It offers 5 reels and 30 paylines. The house edge is 3.6%. It is a medium to high volatility slot. To get started, you will need to be putting in a minimum bet of 30p. The maximum is £75. I know that this is something which will put off a lot of players. Normally when NetEnt produces a high volatility slot, it has a lower minimum bet. However, I still do urge you to check it out as you could end up having a ton of fun. I know I did.

    Flowers Slot Theme

    Have you ever played Plants vs Zombies? It is a PC game which I believe also appeared on a few consoles. Think of the Flowers slot machine as similar to that, albeit without the zombies. The colours are very much the same and the flowers which appear in the game seem to have some personality behind them. It is a rather wonderful design and I can’t help but heap a ton of praise on NetEnt for this. I know that they have received a lot of criticism over the past couple of years because some of the games they have created do not seem that fun in terms of design. This seems to have been kicked to the kerb now, though.

    There is not a lot in the way of animation in this game. This is because Flowers was one of the first mobile slots that NetEnt released and I have no doubt that they really wanted to keep animation to the absolute minimum to ensure that the game continued to run well on mobile devices. However, this does mean that the game runs exceedingly well on mobile devices, even the older ones. So, no real complaints there!


    You would think that since Flowers is an older slot that it would not have much in the way of features. It does. In fact, it has plenty of them. None of them are particularly unique now, but they certainly were unique at the time (i.e. free spins)

    The wild symbol is the one that is going to pop up the most. As with every other slot you play, it is going to act as a replacement for the other symbols in the game. It does pop up a lot too. However, the wild is going to be a lot more useful when you trigger the free spins mode. In that mode, it can be stacked.

    To trigger free spins, you will need to get at least three of the bonus symbols. The more bonus symbols you get to trigger this feature, the more free spins you get and the higher your multiplier is going to be:

    • 3 symbols will net you a 2x multiplier and 0 free spins.
    • 4 will give you 2x multiplier and 10 free spins.
    • 5 will give you 2x and 15 free spins
    • 6 will give you 2x and 20 free spins
    • 7 will give you 4x multiplier and 25 free spins.
    • 8 will give you 10x multiplier and 30 free spins.

    Flowers: Summary

    I know that Flowers is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, but I urge you to check it out. The fact that the free spins tends to be pop up quite often makes playing this game MORE than worth it. You can win a decent sum of cash if you play your cards right. I know that most people are going to want to move onto some of the more exciting slots shortly after, but this is a great starting point.


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