Playing Frankenstein at Madame Chance Casino


    Frankenstein: Introduction

    One of the reasons we have come to love NetEnt so much in recent years is the fact that they have managed to nail some pretty fantastic themes for their games. One area where they seem to be doing well at the moment is in the horror game area. One game which has managed to cause quite a stir is Frankenstein. Let me tell you a little bit about it.


    Frankenstein is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot. It has a house edge of 3.3%. It is a medium volatility slot. If you want to play it, you will need to stump up a minimum of 20p per spin. The maximum is £100. The most you can win is a cool £37,500.

    Frankenstein Slot Theme

    Frankenstein is one of the ‘Universal Monsters’ that NetEnt has come out with recently. This means that it is based upon the movie of them same name from Universal Studios. If you are a lover of the movie, then I promise you that you are going to be a lover of this slot machine.

    It is not the best-looking slot from the Universal Monsters range that NetEnt have released. However, that is fine. All that matters is that it does its job. It does it incredibly well too. The game has images that have been whipped right out of the movie. The soundtrack is from the movie too, which is also fantastic. As I said, this is very much a slot for the lovers of Frankenstein.

    Don’t love Frankenstein? Don’t worry. There are enough features to keep you engrossed in this slot anyway. These features have been tied into the overall theme of Frankenstein somewhat, but that is fine. I have no complaints about that, neither should you. The features are interesting enough even if you do not like Frankenstein. This is actually rare for a slot nowadays. Most of the time you really need to buy into the theme of the game or you are not going to get any mileage from it, so well done NetEnt.


    So many features to enjoy here, so I hope you are ready for this ride:

    • Linked Wilds: this is the feature which appears during the main game. The lightening ball is your wild. It appears only on the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th It is a wild which when it forms a winning combination it sets two other symbols on the reels alight. They also turn into wilds which could give you more wins.
    • Linked wilds also appear during free spins. They are a fire this time. In this case, they will appear on every reel AND you will always get one on a spin.
    • Three of the scatter symbols will trigger free spins in this game. There is a random multiplier attached to anything you win here. The maximum you can get back is a whopping 5x your win! This is a massive amount! You can even earn more free spins when you play which seems to happen regularly. 2 more scatters will give you five free spins. 3 scatters will give you ten free spins more!

    Playing Strategy

    Your best bet is to go down the route of sticking as close to the minimum bet as possible. Most of your wins are going to come from free spins and the odd wild. This means that you do not want to be blowing through your bank roll until you hit this point. The multipliers that are in place during the free spins will be good enough to ensure that the minimum bet is high enough to score you some decent cash too.


    If you love the Frankenstein movie, then I truly believe that you will love this slot. There is a reason why it has been heralded as one of the best slots NetEnt have put out in years. The wild feature in this game is unique enough. Not sure I have seen it included in any other slot from NetEnt. Couple this with free spins galore and you have an awesome slot to play! You can check it out on any site which offers NetEnt slots, such as our very beloved Madame Chance Casino.


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