Playing Gonzo’s Quest At Grand Ivy Casino


    Gonzo’s Quest: Introduction

    Gonzo’s Quest is, without a doubt, one of the most popular slots in the NetEnt arsenal over at Grand Ivy Casino right now. There is a good reason for this too. It is also one of the most fun. Before I wrote this review, I took a gander at several other reviews out there. All of them gave maximum marks to Gonzo’s Quest. This is incredibly rare!

    Gonzo’s Quest Stats

    Gonzo’s Quest is a video slot which offers 5 reels and 20 paylines. The house edge is 4%. This is a medium volatility slot. The minimum bet is 20p. The maximum is £50.

    While there are several ways in which you can win while you are playing Gonzo’s Quest, I urge you to try and stick as close to the 20p per spin mark as possible. This is because it is still a medium volatility slot and I really do not want you to be blowing through your bank roll too quickly. You do want to have some fun while you are playing the game, right?

    Gonzo’s Quest Slot Theme

    I absolutely love the theme of Gonzo’s Quest. I know that it is not going to be to everybody’s tastes, but I don’t care. This is one of my favourite NetEnt slots in years, at least from a theming stand-point.

    In Gonzo’s Quest, you are an explorer, obviously called Gonzo. He is diving deep into an ancient building in search of treasure. It feels like that too. As you are going to discover in the next section, there is a nifty feature built into Gonzo’s Quest called ‘Tumbling Reels’. It comes up on every win. It kind of does feel like that the temple, or whatever the building is, is collapsing on you when you pull out the treasures.

    The soundtrack is stellar too. One of the major problems I have had with slots over the past couple of years is that the soundtrack is abysmal. You want to turn it off within a couple of seconds of the game being booted up. Not an issue with Gonzo. It is just that well-designed. I love it on every level. I am very much a fan boy of this game, to be honest with you.

    Gonzo’s Quest Features

    As I mentioned previously; there is a tumbling reels feature in place. This is probably something that you have seen in as lot before All it means is that if you are lucky enough to secure a win, the symbols will disappear from the reels and new ones will fall into their place. Pretty simple stuff to be honest. This potentially means that you could win numerous times on a single spin. This is something which has happened to me a fair bit. I love it! (yes, I really do love Gonzo’s Quest, if you have not established by now). The best part is that there is a multiplier. Each time you form a winning combination on a single spin, the multiplier goes up by one. You win 5 times, you have a 5x multiplier (the maximum is five)

    If a bet line contains 3 free fall symbols, you get 10 free falls. This is basically free spins with another name on it. The difference with this is that the multiplier on your tumbling reels will climb up even quicker. A single win is 3x, and it will go up by 3 each time you get a win on a single spin. The maximum is a whopping 15x multiplier. This is where you will net most of your wins while you are playing Gonzo’s Quest. Again, something that I absolutely love. This is a feature which seems to turn up more often than you may think too which is awesome!


    If you are looking for a game which boasts an amazing theme, some fantastic features, and tremendous gameplay, then you are going to be hard-pressed to find something better than Gonzo’s Quest at the moment. There is a reason why this slot has fast become one of the most popular slots in the NetEnt arsenal. I recommend that you check it out today. All you need to do is head to a reputable NetEnt casino and away you go!


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