Pragmatic Play Dwarven Gold Slot Overview


A cool and authentic video slot inspired from Irish mythology and folklore. Nibbles, Gibbles, Fillydook and Fenthwick have hidden their treasure on 25 lines while they are out partying. End Users should let loose the Wild Cat to track the gold and capture the Scatter Butterflies for clues. These symbols will lead the way to the vault where End Users can win up to 33 free spins and a 6x multiplier. Enjoy the entertaining Dwarves!

Dwarven Gold: Slot Story

There once was a dwarf with a smile
Who was wearing his yellow in style
Tea was his fame
But having no shame
He could drink as much ale as the Nile.

When Gibbles, the son of a gun,
And Nibbles, his joke of a son,
Consumed too much ale
They settled for bail
‘Cause paying is something they shun.

Fillidook from the house on the hill
Was great with paper and quill.
He joked from the heart
But it hardly was art
So the wenches all laughed at his skill.

The young dwarf burglar Fenthwick
All coins from humans would nick.
But now with such treasure
He looks for some leisure
And next morning he`ll always be sick.

Hidden somewhere on the dark forest path
There is so much gold you can’t do the math
The dwarves stay on guard
But they party hard
So steal it, you won`t feel their wrath!

Dwarven Gold: Gameplay

Dwarven Gold: Bonus Game and Paytable

Dwarven Gold: Slot Information

Theme Magical Creatures, Dwarves
Player Demographic All, Women
Player level: Beginner/Experienced/Expert All
Reels 5
Symbols 12
Paylines 25
Bet per Payline (minimum) 0.01 $
Max Bet per Payline 5.00 $
Progressive No
Wild Symbol Yes
Paid Scatter Yes
Free Spins Feature Yes
Bonus Feature No


Dwarven Gold: Slot Features

Feature Type Free spins
Number of Free Spins User selects 2 from a number of items at the beginning of the Free Spins round. Items contain either a number of free spins or a multiplier. Up to 33 free spins and up to 6x multiplier. Additional free spins can be won during the round with more scatter symbols
Scatter symbol payout 2 Scatter symbols – 2

3 Scatter symbols  – 5

4 Scatter symbols – 20

5 Scatter symbols  – 100


Feature Type Gamble feature
Number of Free Spins Gamble not applicable after wins in free spins
Limits Each win can be gambled up to 5 times

Win limit is 500 x bet


Dwarven Gold: Bet Amounts

Recommended Bet  Range from 0.01 to 5.00$
Default Bet 0.01$
Max Bet 25 Lines x 5.00 $ Per line = 125.00 $
Min Bet 1 Line x 0.01 $ = 0.01 $
Default Bet 25Lines x 0.01 $ = 0.25 $


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