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She Ninja Suzu: Introduction

She Ninja Suzu is one of the latest slots on the market. Well, it will be by the time it is launched. We were given a little sneak peak of the game. There is a chance that a few of the features in She Ninja Suzu could change between now and released, but when I played it, it is very much in a ‘complete’ form, so I seriously doubt that it will go through that many changes.


She Ninja Suzu is a 20 fixed payline slot machine. The minimum bet per spin is 20 cents. The maximum bet is €60. Since I am reviewing this before release, it is tough to tell what the volatility of the slot is. If I had to guess, however, then it is probably going to be somewhere between medium and high volatility.

She Ninja Suzu Slot Theme

The theme of the game is very ‘Japanese’. This is a new game developer, but from what I can tell, they put a lot of effort into the way their games look. It is evident that they have a fantastic art team who draw their images. Their characters are realistic, but still bordering on ‘cartoon style’. When you load up She Ninja Suzu for the first time, you will even be shown a two minute long cut scene which introduces you to the world of the game. I don’t think I have ever seen a slot that goes into so much depth on the story behind the game. Most people out there really just want to play the game and do not give a hoot about the lore behind it, so it is nice to see that She Ninja Zu tries to do things a little bit different to the other slots on the market.

Slot Features

The feature that will be occurring the most in this game is the Wild Symbol. As with all other games, it can act as a substitute for every oth3er symbol bar the scatters and the bonuses. The best part is that the wild can come stacked. From what I can tell, this happens quite often and does lead to some larger wins if you are lucky.

If you get three ore more fight symbols, then you will trigger the Suzu Fight Bonus Feature. Suzu will appear on the screen ready to fight a particular enemy. You must choose the action Suzu does. If you choose the right action, you will be given a cash bonus.

Each time you score a win on She Ninja Suzu, you will notice that the anger bar goes up. When it is full, one of three things could happen:

  • Expanding Wild Improvement: wild symbol appears after the reels spin. 2 symbols are destroyed and the wild symbol substitutes for them.
  • Multiplier improvement: you get a random multiplier of 2, 3, 5 or 10x.
  • Win Improvement: one symbol is turned into a wild or a stacked wild.

About Suzu…!

At the heart of this game is Suzu, a gorgeous-looking ninja character. When I say gorgeous, I genuinely mean that this lass is something special. I can guarantee that the majority of people are going to be playing this game simply for Suzu if I am going to be completely honest with you.

The second you boot up the game, you are going to be introduced to the story. I could be wrong here, but this is probably the only slot machine out there which offers a cut scene. It is an epic CGI cut scene too and the animation is absolutely wonderful.

In the cutscene, you are going to be introduced to the gorgeous body of Suzu. It is only going to be a small introduction to the way she looks, but man does she look great. Her boobs are perfectly shaped and they bounce amazingly as she darts across the screen doing her ninja stuff. All the while, you are pulled in by her absolutely radiant eyes, you can’t help fall in love.

Unlike some of the other games that you may play, Suzu is not highly sexualized. If you are looking for a character that has massive boobs, then this game is probably not for you. They are ‘normal size’. They have a bit of a bounce in them still, though. In fact, it is quite remarkable how well the company has animated her. She looks almost perfect.

She Ninja Suzu: Conclusion

Enough about that. At the time of writing, She Ninja Zu is not out. In fact, I believe that I am one of the first people to review this game. Don’t fret, though. If it is not out by the time that you read this, it should be soon. I really do urge you to check it out as you are going to have an amazingly fun time playing it.

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