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Slotty Vegas Review

No prizes for guessing what the most popular games offered by Slotty Vegas are! Now, for some reason, Slotty Vegas seems to have been getting a lot of negative press over the years. This is something which has always baffled me, because I have been playing their games a lot, and the site has never let me down, so I decided to give the site a review.

What Does Slotty Vegas Offer?

Mostly just slot machines, but a lot of them. I mean, what else did you expect a site with ‘slots’ in the name to actually offer? There are some live dealer games and some table games, but you have less than a dozen of the two of them combined, so this certainly is not a place to head if you love anything more than slots, to be honest. I mean, I am sure the live dealer games and the table games offered by Slotty Vegas are good, but that is not the reason why I headed to the website so, to be honest with you, I just did not care about them in the slightest.

So, why, I hear you ask, would you even bother to head to Slotty Vegas if they only offer slot machines (mostly)? Well, it is because they offer something called a ‘Supercharged Feature’. Correct me if I am wrong (and sometimes I am), but I don’t think there is another online casino which offers something like this. The idea is that when you play on certain slots, and even a couple of table games, if you win, the amount that you win is increased. They claim that this is somewhere between 40 and 60%. Not all of the slots are Supercharged Slots, but I would say a good 75% of them are.

The is one of the main reasons why you should be choosing Slotty Vegas if you are the type of person who only plays online slot machines. There is no other site out there which is going to give you a bigger bang for your buck. Sure, you may be a bit stuck if you fancy playing something different as chances are high that Slotty Vegas does not offer that extra bit for you, but if you are only ever going to be playing slots and nothing else, then Slotty Vegas should be right up your street.

Site Functionality

It is a bit…blegh.

If you head to the main website, then there are several slots being promoted. The annoying thing is that these promoted slots are heavily animated. For some reason, the casino has set it up to have the site cycle through the popular slots every five seconds. This does not give you a ton of time to focus on the selection that they have, which is a bit annoying. Honestly, if I did not have a specific slot in mind when I headed to Slotty Vegas I would have been out of the site so fast. It had nothing of value.

If you are a mobile gambler, then you will probably have a tough time browsing through their site too. Now, I won’t lie to you, just about every single game that Slotty Vegas offers through their site will be a game that is available via a mobile device but they sure as hell love to make it hard for you to browse through the website. Like, it is nigh on impossible to do anything if you head to their site. Why is this the case? Well, because Slotty Vegas want to force you to use their mobile app for branding purposes. The app is lightweight and works well, but I can’t praise Slotty Vegas for using this rather shady tactic in a bid to get people to play via their mobile devices. For those who are unaware; they do this because they know that once a person has a mobile app downloaded onto their device, they are probably not going to use another online casino.


You do have a couple of welcome bonuses in place and a few mediocre loyalty bonuses. However, you need to be aware that due to the supercharged offerings that Slotty Vegas has on offer, you can’t expect the world when it comes to other types of bonus. They are already throwing some bonus cash at you when you play on most of their slots and table games, so why would you want more than that? I mean, you can’t really get more than that or the casino will be going bankrupt pretty quickly.

That being said, I am willing to let the lack of decent bonuses slide simply for the fact that there is the Supercharged feature in place and that feature has put a lot of money in my pocket courtesy of Slotty Vegas!

Other Things

All in all, this site is a decent place to play, but only if you are a fan of slots. I know I have mentioned this before, but it genuinely needs to be said. There is basically nothing else. However, honestly, if you are a fan of slots machines then I can’t think of anywhere better to play. Sure, you are going to need to download their app if you want to gamble easily through your mobile device, but this is not necessarily going to be a ‘deal breaker’ for you. It is still going to be a fully functional site which loves to reward you with cash.

Deposit and withdrawal options seem to be decent too. While I have not had any reason to get in touch with the Slotty Vegas customer support, by all accounts they are very responsive!

Check Out Slotty Vegas

Now you know what Slotty Vegas brings to the table, why not check them out?

The Supercharged slots are wonderful. You don’t always win masses of cash when you play them. But come on, we are all gamblers, every little bit of extra cash you can put into your pocket probably means something to you, right?

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