SuperLenny Casino Review & Bonus Code 2018


Super Lenny Casino Review

Super Lenny may not necessarily be one of the newest casinos around, but it may as well be.

Sadly, in the United Kingdom, this is a casino which seems to have been ignored by the masses.

In my opinion, this is a great shame because Super Lenny is genuinely one of the better online casinos at the moment.

Let me tell you a little bit about it.

What Do Super Lenny Offer?

A surprising amount!

Now, it is probably worth noting that Super Lenny originally got started as a sport betting website (more on that in a short while). However, I have absolutely no doubt that the majority of the cash that Super Lenny makes comes from the casino nowadays.

If you can imagine a game, then it is likely that Super Lenny has it on offer. The wonderful thing about Super Lenny is that unlike some of the other, more established casinos out there, they have opted not to tie themselves into specific contracts with companies. This ensures that they can have a good selection of games for their players to sink their teeth into.

When you boot up the Super Lenny website for the first time, particularly the casino, then you are likely going to be greeted by a list of slot machines. As with any other online casino out there, this is going to be the ‘bread and butter’ of what Super Lenny offers. The thing that I love is that they really do not seem to mess about when it comes to adding new slots that their players can enjoy. At the time of writing the game, Reactoonz, is one of the newer slots on the market. However, despite this, Super Lenny already have it up on their site for their players. Many other larger casinos do not have this.

If you are looking for other casino games to enjoy, then you have plenty of them too. You have roulette, blackjack, poker, and a whole lot more. What excites me most about Super Lenny, however, is the fact that they have more live dealer games than most of the other online casinos. There is always going to be a room available and their live dealers are probably some of the most personable online. Whenever I have ever played at Super Lenny live dealer casino, then I always have had a wonderful time!

Beyond this, there are also plenty of sport betting opportunities that you can stuck into. The only real issue I have with Super Lenny is that, from what I can tell, they only ever offer sport betting. This is going to be fine for most people, but I am British, I love to bet on just about everything under the sun and Super Lenny does not actually offer that for me. That being said, what they do have tends to be good odds and I can’t really complain about that. It means that if my bet ever comes up trumps, I will be able to enjoy a significant amount of cash in my pocket!

Super Lenny Casino Mobile Gaming

I am not the biggest mobile gamer in the world, but whenever I review online casinos, I always like to check out their mobile gaming options.

I am not going to say that Super Lenny is the best in the world on the mobile gaming front because it probably is not, but they offer enough to keep me excited. Their website seems to be perfectly optimised for playing on mobile devices. This is great because many of the other online casinos are not. However, if you want the real playing experience, then you are going to need to download the Super Lenny application to your phone. It is not going to be a major issue, but I do not like to download apps if I can avoid it. It just adds another hoop that you need to jump through if you wish to play on your phone or tablet computer. That being said, the app that Super Lenny offers is actually quite decent and runs fairly fast, so no real complaints here!

Obviously, if you are only ever going to be playing on a mobile device, then there probably are going to be better online casinos out there for you to check out. It sucks to say it, but plenty of online casinos dedicate themselves solely to mobile gaming. However, if you are planning to jump between desktop and mobile, then Super Lenny is going to be perfect for you.

Withdrawal and Deposit Options at Super Lenny Casino

Plenty of different ways in which you can get money in and out of your account here! Just about every payment processor is available, including Neteller which currently offers Bitcoin deposits. From what I can tell, the withdrawals tend to be quite fast too. Of course, they are never going to be instant withdrawals, but it should never take more than a couple of days to get your hands on the money!

Are they worth it?

Yes! Obviously, Super Lenny can’t do everything perfectly. I don’t think that any online casino out there can. However, they do offer a tremendous gambling experience for me. In fact, probably one of the best gambling experiences that I have had on one of the more established casinos. They have a good selection of games, their support team is responsive, fantastic deposit and withdrawal options, and a whole load of fun to be had. What more could you possibly ask for here? Fantastic casino and I urge you to check them out!

Check Out Super Lenny Casino

If you want to check out the Super Lenny Casino, there has never been a better time to do it.

They have several different promotions going on at the moment, and they have recently expanded the selection of games they have available.

Sign up today and you will have oodles of bonuses thrown in your direction. You will also have the pleasure of gambling at one of the best online casinos around!

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