Vegas Baby Casino Review & Bonus Code 2018


Vegas Baby Casino Review

When it comes to online casinos, we always recommend that you go down the ‘new casino’ route. For the most part, they offer better games, a better play experience, and better bonuses. Vegas Baby is one of the latest ‘kids’ on the block, and boy is it good. Let us tell you a little bit about what it brings to the table.

Game Selection

Vegas Baby is a bit of an oddity with its game selection. Not because the games are so weird that you do not see the hits, because you really are going to see the hits here, it is more the fact that there are so many unique games mixed with the hits. Literally, games that you are not going to see anywhere else.

This is one of the main reasons as to why we love Vegas Baby if we are completely honest. This is an online casino which has gone to massive lengths to ensure that their game selection is one of the biggest around. We are avid casino reviewers, including game reviews, and we must say that Vegas Baby has plenty of games that we have never been asked to review before. They are decent games too, so we can’t wait to tuck into them.

That is just from the slot perspective. You also have a plethora of instant win games, table games, and retro games (we will talk about the live dealer games in a short while). Basically, this is the place that you want to be if you fancy choosing just one website then this should be it!

Live Dealer Games

Sadly, there is not a massive selection of live dealer games available. Obviously, all your main games are there; baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. However, there are not a lot of variants like you would find at other online casinos out there. For us, this is not really that much of a problem because we are not big live dealer players, but we know that it may be a deal breaker for many of the people reading this review of Vegas Baby Casino.

That being said, this is a site which is not afraid to invest in their software. While they do not have a massive selection of live dealer games available at the moment, we have no doubt that they are going to be adding fantastic live dealer games in the future, but it looks like that they are investing in other parts of their site first, and we can’t really blame them for that. Live dealer games should not be the priority.

Site Experience

I am going to admit that I was not the biggest fan of Vegas Baby when I first booted up the website, mostly because it seemed a little bit too ‘busy’ for my tastes. I have been gambling at a plethora of newer casinos in recent months and most of them have a nice, clean layout, mostly to keep the mobile crowd entertained. This meant that Vegas Baby was somewhat of a change of pace for me. However, it ended up growing on me.

Vegas Baby goes to great lengths to ensure that you can always find what you want to play. Obviously, the front page of their site is always going to be filled with the most popular games because this is what makes them their money, but you will always be able to drill down to the specific game that you want using the categories feature or the handy little search bar.

One thing that I especially liked when I was on Vegas Baby was the way in which they displayed their slots. Under each slot, it gave an indication as to the volatility of the slot machine, which means that you could choose a place to play based upon the frequency and size of the payouts. Not every game had it, most of them did. I actually wish that many online casinos started to incorporate this too. It came in especially handy when I was searching for casino games that I had not played before. Sure, I know all the volatility for the most popular IGT and NetEnt slots, but I certainly did not know the volatilities of the less popular game vendors, so this was nice. It saved me needing to open up the game and reading the instructions to find out what the potential payout could be.

I was really surprised at just how great Vegas Baby works on mobile devices too. In fact, it was smooth as butter. I know that I said that it looked really busy when you open it up on the desktop computer, but the company has really managed to make it look nice and smooth on mobile devices and it provided a truly joyful playing experience. It is nice to know that there are still companies out there who have been going to great lengths to ensure that the play experience is nice no matter what format you are playing on. Far too many companies focus on just mobile devices now.

Vegas Baby Casino Bonuses

Plenty of them available!

As with most casinos, your main bonuses come in the form of welcome bonuses, so you can get a matched deposit for your first couple of deposits, as well as free spins on the current top slot (which is Cleopatra), not too shabby.

If you become a loyal player, which is not too tricky, then you will be able to qualify for further bonuses as long as you play at Vegas Baby, which is amazing! They really know how to keep you hanging around.

Play at Vegas Baby Casino Today

If you want to check out Vegas Baby Casino, and we are positive that you do, then hop on over to them right now. Remember; the bonuses for the site are subject to change. We can tell you that, now, the bonuses that they have on offer are some of the best around. So, jump in and take advantage of those promotions today!

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