Vulkan Vegas Casino Review & Bonus Code 2018


Vulkan Vegas Casino Review

Vulkan Vegas is a brand new casino. Well, we say brand new, it has been around for a short while but sadly very few people have heard of it. If you stumbled across it, then it is more likely that you saw it listed as ‘Vulkan Bet’, which is another name the casino goes by. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

First Impressions

The first impressions of Vulkan Vegas are not that brilliant. This is, mostly, because we initially accessed the website via a desktop computer. Anybody who understands the world of casinos will know that this is not going to be the best way to ever access a new website. This is because most of them have been built for mobile devices. We are not going to lie and say that the website does not work desktop computers. It does. You just need to expect it to be a tiny bit more difficult to use. It functions perfectly well.

Of course, if you are going to access Vulkan Vegas Casino from your phone or tablet then you are going to be able to enjoy a fabulous experience. The site is so easy to browse. Everything is clearly laid out and everything loads up fast. You will not need to download any additional software. Every game, as far as we can tell, loads up on a mobile device. There may be some older ones which you may have a bit of difficulty with, but we didn’t spot those so this should not be that much of an issue for you. Don’t worry about it!

The customer support seems to be responsive. However, it is unlikely that you will ever need to get in touch with the customer support team for Vulkan Casino anyway. From what we can tell, they seem to have one of the more extensive FAQs around. Just about every question that we could possibly want answered, including some of the more unique ones, was covered on the site. So, kudos to Vulkan Vegas here. You really did not let us down!

Deposits and withdrawals are fast enough, which is awesome. This is rare for a newer online casino. Most of the ones that you tend to find online are going to be still working on their withdrawal process which means things can take a bit longer, mostly due to all the checks that they need to carry out (the joys of operating an online casino in the UK, we guess)

Game Selection

If you love your casino games, then you are going to love Vulkan Vegas Casino. This is a casino which has worked exceedingly hard on building up its game selection since their formation. One of the reasons as to why they have so many different games available on their website is down to the fact that they are one of only a few online casinos out there which has opted to work with several different game vendors at once. This is awesome. Most other casinos just limit themselves to one or two. They will be major game vendors, but you never really play the unique games with them, which sucks.

Most of Vulkan Vegas is going to be based around online slots, which is going to be alright in our books. This is what we play most of all. However, there will still be several other games that you can sink your teeth into on the table front. While they do not have the best live betting system in the world, it is good enough. There will always be several games that you can play and they are expanding this area of their site.

Sport Betting

We don’t normally talk about this, mostly because we focus on casino reviews here, but we do want to point out that Vulkan Vegas is so much more than a casino. There is also sport betting available. We won’t lie and say that it is the greatest sport betting website in the world. It is something which is very much at the back of the minds of Vulkan Vegas. This means that you are not going to get those weird and wonderful sports bets for unique sports, but it is a great way to spend some of the money that you have won at the online casino. Generally speaking, the odds at Vulkan Vegas tend to be on the better side of things too. Not fantastic, but not bad.

Vulkan Vegas Casino Bonuses

The bonuses that you find at Vulkan Vegas Casino are not going to be ‘knock out’ bonuses. They are decent, but we have seen better. That being said, this is a casino which has very much realised that it needs to work on the bonuses that it brings to the table. This means that they have shaken up their bonuses a few times over the past couple of months, each time getting better. Their welcome bonuses are still going to be your standard matched deposit bonus. It is the other bonuses for sticking around on the site (i.e. your loyalty bonuses) where the real fun lies. I don’t think you will find a better site when it comes to loyalty bonuses. If you continue to play on the site, then you will be able to enjoy regular deposit bonuses, which is nice. There are very few online casinos out there which offer this. Of course, do expect the bonuses to change quite a lot over the coming weeks. This is still a new casino and they are trying to find that ‘sweet spot’ which gets people coming through the door and playing with them. We hope they find it soon.

Play at Vulkan Vegas Casino Today

If you are interested in playing at Vulkan Vegas Casino, then we recommend that you head on over there now. This is a new casino, which means those epic bonuses are not going to last forever. If you don’t jump on them right now then you are going to be seriously missing out.

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