We Are Casino’s Waikiki Heroes Slot Review


    Waikiki Heroes Slot Review

    Now, I am not going to talk about the actual Waikiki Heroes slot here. Well, I am, but I am not going to review it in the same way that you would expect me to review a slot machine. This is because the game does not matter. What matters is how it was built.

    I don’t know if you have ever heard of them, but there is a company out there called ‘We Are Casino’. They have a plethora of different pieces of software under their belts, but the most thrilling thing is that they have an application which allows companies to design their own slots ‘from scratch’. There are plenty of online casinos using their software. I have no idea exactly how many, because most people are not going to be upfront about it, but I have stumbled across a few at least.

    Waikiki Heroes slots is a game I am reviewing not because it is Waikiki Heroes, but more down to the fact that the whole game has been based around the idea of creating your own slot. Think of it as a ‘glorified’ tech demo, although it is, I believe, being used by several different slot companies at the moment, but that is by the by!

    We Are Casino VS Net Entertainment (NetEnt)

    If you look at Waikiki Heroes and have a tinker about with the game, you will probably notice that it feels just like any slot made by one of the big companies out there (e.g. NetEnt and Microgaming). This is because Waikiki Heroes is made completely in HTML5. I don’t think there is a modern device that HTML5 does not work with. In fact, you can try booting up the game on your mobile device if you wish. It is going to run incredibly smooth.

    If you compare Waikiki Heroes to other mobile slots, you are going to have your mind blown too. I mean, other slots that have been made from the same software as other ‘We Are Casino’ games. This is because they all look so different to one another. This is due to the way in which the software works. While it is incredibly easy to program the game how you want, it is very much customizable. You can have whatever layout or features that you want. This is fantastic, because I was getting a bit tired of the software out there which gives you no real control over the way your game looks beyond the UI.

    Even if you look beyond the way in which Waikiki Heroes have been created, you are going to be stunned by just how fun the slot is to play. As I mentioned before; this is a ‘tech demo’ of sorts, but it is still a fully functional slot machine which you can win some money on, and that is nice! If I had to rate this slot out of ten, then it would be a solid 8. When it comes to slots made from software like this, then Waikiki Heroes is probably the best that there is.


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